A new dating site where moms do the matching, messaging, setting up, and even pre-paying for the dates.

Sound crazy? Our data shows that over 92% of the time, the kids will go out on this new kind of date. Sign up now to get on the wait list.

Who is going to use this?

Baby Boomer moms who love their single Millennial kids, that’s who!
JustKibbitz is the modern answer to the oldest form of dating — parents meeting parents to set up their kids. 

How does it work?

Create a profile

Add information about you and your son or daughter. This includes their interests, location, and preferences. Then get started.

Search and match

Where your son or daughter lives is important because you want to search by their location. And when you match, you'll meet another mom just like you. If you both hit it off, and think your kids will too, you can send them on a ‘Redeemable Date.’

Send on a "Redeemable Date"

You and your new friend can split a gift card to a coffee shop, brewery, bar or restaurant. Both kids get an email notifying them of the gift card, which will only work when they are presented together. And remember, there's no pressure, justkibbitz!

Preview JustKibbitz

Get notified when we go live!

JustKibbitz is still in development and will launch when we reach 10,000 moms who have pre-signed up. So sign up today, and tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends! At 10K moms, we go live and you can start sending your kid on a great date.

Simple Pricing

  • Unlimited Matching
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Unlimited Dates


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Hear from real, single, Millennials, and their moms, who would happily use JustKibbitz

“Mothers are the glue of the family. We keep our families together, and now we can in a modern way.”
"It is so important who your child marries. It determines what kind of relationship you have with your kids and grandkids."
”Why wouldn’t you do something like this? What do you have to lose? The date awkwardness is already diffused.”
“My mom would love this, she probably knows me better than I know myself.”
“The hard part of dating is done for you already. And my mom’s asked me to do crazier things – for free!”
“This could really lead to deep connections, and help parents and kids understand each other better”


  • What’s with the name?
    • Kibbitz means “chit-chat” in yiddish. Kibbitz is just talking, no big deal, don’t worry about it. So when you call your kid and say you found them a hot date and they say, “Ma! You did what?!” Just say, “It’s no pressure, just kibbitz.”
  • Is this for real?
    • Yes, very real. 59% of millennials are single or unmarried, and moms worry about what they can do. They just want to help! Now they can.
  • Why did you start this?
    • My mom was on an online dating site posing as my little brother to find him a date. And while the intention was sweet, the method was misguided. So we thought, why not set up a site for moms like mine to match, message, and set up their kids on quality dates to Justkibbitz?
  • Why pre-sign up?
    • It’s important to have lots of moms to match with the first time you log into the site. So pre-sign up, and tell your friends! When we get to a critical mass, we’ll gladly welcome you in.
  • How do the dates work?
    • We asked single millennials, “Would you go on a date set up by your parents?” About half the time they said, “Sure.” But when you add that the date is pre-paid — as in our Redeemable Date feature — 92 percent of millennials said, “YES!”
    • So that’s how it works. You and the other mom will choose a gift card that is sent to both of your grown children. Once they are together, the cards can be activated and used for coffee, drinks, dinner, bowling, restaurants and more. 

Contact us for questions, comments, or to just kibbitz.